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EASYSeal Water Seal Plus

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EasySeal Water Seal Plus

EASYSeal Water Seal Plus

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Increases the thermal qualities of your home.

EASYSeal Water Seal Plus is a high performance water repellent for all porous building materials. The product can be applied to already damp surfaces which will then, over time dry out, as the coating allows water to escape out and not penetrate in. EASYSeal Water Seal Plus uses technology which is proven to increase Thermal Efficiency, so reducing heating costs.

In addition to acting as a water-proofer, it provides a hard wearing, invisible, protective seal against oil, stains, efflorescence, etc on both horizontal and vertical surfaces with no long-term alteration of the colour of the substrate.

EASYSeal Water Seal Plus is recommended for the treatment of, walls, fountains, monuments, garden stones and paving, headstones, timber structures, fences and decks.

Features include:

  • Penetrating water repellent for porous brickwork, masonry and timber

  • Provides protective seal against water, oil and staining

  • Allows masonry to breathe so moisture escapes

  • For use on vertical and horizontal surfaces

  • Invisible coating - no long term textural or colour change



Up to 25m²

Coverage will vary with levels of porosity

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